Estate Settlement and Administration

WYOMING TRUST COMPANY offers the resources, expertise and commitment necessary to handle all aspects of estate settlement and administration.  While in the past being named an executor or personal representative may have been an honor, the burden and responsibility is great. To ensure fairness, accountability and professionalism WYOMING TRUST COMPANY can assist whether we are named as Trustee in a Revocable Trust; contacted to be the Personal Representative; or asked to assist a named executor or personal representative.  WYOMING TRUST COMPANY ensures that the client's estate is managed to preserve and enhance its value while minimizing the burden on family and heirs prior to the distribution of assets. 

Services include:

·    Collection, inventory, valuation and distribution of estate assets

·    Estate, inheritance and fiduciary income tax preparation

·    Real estate services, including insurance review, bill payment, maintenance and sales arrangements

·    Liquidity management

·    Coordination with client advisors for tax-sensitive planning for asset distribution to beneficiaries