As part of our service, WYOMING TRUST COMPANY reviews the terms of your existing trust to determine if the document (and perhaps your current trustee) is adhering to the terms and accomplishing the intent of the trust. We can assist you whether you are just starting your estate plan or looking for a more responsive trustee. WYOMING TRUST COMPANY will work with your legal advisor or estate planning professional to accomplish your objectives.  We may offer the needed flexibility to achieve your goals. 


Wyoming Trust Company's standard services:

·    Administers the trust in accordance with the terms of the trust document, with respect for the intent of the trustmaker

·    Assigns a dedicated trust officer to coordinate all activities related to the trusts

·    Works with trustmaker's financial advisor to determine the trust's asset allocation

·    Establishes, executes, and monitors an appropriate investment objective for trust assets with input of other professionals

·    Conducts sales of assets to generate proceeds for distributions as needed or required

·    Holds assets for safekeeping and promptly collects income and principal for credit to the trust

·    Maintains physical and electronic records of the trust document and related documents

·    Issues statements that reflect distributions, transactions, asset activity, and market values

·    Maintains securities tax data such as tax cost basis, acquisition dates, and tax lots

·    Supervises and monitors investments in light of the Internal Revenue Code and IRS rules and regulations

·    Manages trust assets in a tax-sensitive manner

·    Provides K-1 tax reports of taxable income to beneficiaries


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*subject to applicable terms of trust and Wyoming law