For the Independent Investor

  • You or a trusted advisor of your choice can direct the investments of your trust
    Wyoming law allows the Trustmaker to direct Wyoming Trust Company to follow the investment choices of a financial advisor or other appointed person.

  • Wyoming Trust Company respects your choices and are committed to your values. 
    Unlike other Corporate Trustees we do not actively invest your money in a set of limited funds but work with you, your financial advisors and estate planning professionals to invest the assets as directed and in accordance with our fiduciary duties. You are never saddled with investments chosen by strangers or pushed into investments not to your liking. 

  • Compare the benefits of  Wyoming Trust Company as a trustee with other types of trustees.  See Choice of Trustee


While Wyoming Trust Company does not relinquish its fiduciary responsibility in keeping with the terms of your trust, this approach may allow for more flexibility in making investments.