Investment and administrative functions can be bifurcated in Wyoming

WYOMING TRUST COMPANY differs from other trust companies.  We do not provide brokerage services or actively invest your client’s money in our own predetermined funds.  Instead we work with the client’s chosen financial advisor and estate planning professionals to invest trust funds as directed and achieve financial goals.   While we do not relinquish our fiduciary responsibility as we adhere to the terms of the trust, this team approach allows greater flexibility in investing, holding special assets and the accumulating wealth.


Other trust companies may offer low trustee fees to capture your client’s investment portfolio but then take brokerage fees and commissions. WYOMING TRUST COMPANY charges for its trust administrative services and does not charge based on the buying or selling of securities or other assets.  WYOMING TRUST COMPANY respects the existing relationships that may exist with a financial advisor, broker, CPA, lawyer or other estate planner, in accordance with the terms of a directed trust.  Your client’s investments are not lumped into a group or type of investment chosen by an account manager with no relationship with you or the Trustmaker.  Asset allocation is determined by the Trustmaker’s trusted advisors.  


WYOMING TRUST COMPANY is paid pursuant to a written fee agreement and does not receive hidden commissions or brokerage fees from brokers or asset managers generated by securities trading or asset sales.